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November 03, 2001

Minor Updates

Hello again MoL'ers, I have just updated the site to include our new forum and I have fixed a few little bugs. Expect more updates to follow, especially reguarding the members section, strategy section and the maps section. Be patient though because I am very busy during these days especially because my football team won a intense game last nite in the last 30 seconds we scored and made the game 20-19. So now we are in the playoffs. w00t. Anyways look for updates and mb even a few additions to the site. Also can someone find a spot to host this site other then here?


October 29, 2001

Myth 3 exposed... s00n™

Hello again people! Myth 3 is practically here and you know what that means! Iron Clad Trow time! Well I just wanted to let you guys know that the site is being tweaked and such as we speak but with football and school it will take a little longer. I still need info about you guys and a lil help with the cgi news scripts... other then that start sending me some interesting films so that we can add to our archive.

Cya on m3 s00n™


October 23, 2001

Sekrit Mirage Finished.

Hello fellow MoL'ers and friends. The site has been revamped. Hope you like it. It is now best viewed in 800x600 so that all the people with s00k monitors (like me) can view it pretty easily. Also if someone knows how to set up a cgi script for the news that would be greatly appreciated, seeing that i couldnt get mine to work.

Things I still need: Everyone except Bugle's information, the rules page from tc, and some more maps for the map standard. Thank you.